Canada to review rule changes to cannabis research and vapes

Are you a vaping lover? Well in Canada the taste of your vape will change. Are you ok with that?

Health Canada, announced an upcoming public comment period regarding regulations that could result in new restrictions on flavours used in marijuana vape products. It makes sense considering vapes currently sold in Canada for tabacco uses aren’t allowed to have any flavours.

Canada is leading the way for safety rules on cannabis

The proposed changes to Canada’s federal Cannabis Regulations “would align with proposed restrictions on flavors in vaping products under the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act,” according to a Health Canada notice advising of the public comment period.

“Health Canada is proposing amendments to the Cannabis Regulations will be to protect public health and safety, in particular by protecting young persons and others from inducements to use inhaled cannabis extracts. The proposed amendments would restrict the production, sale, promotion, packaging, or labelling of inhaled cannabis extracts with a certain flavours, other than the flavor of cannabis.”

This makes a lot of sense if you ask us at 420ave, it’s not normal that tabacco vaping products aren’t allowed to have any flavours but cannabis vapes do. I am happy to see they do say that natural flavour in cannabis is allowed. This said we should still get special type of AAAA flowers that have amazing taste and doesn’t burn. This new regulation should not stop weed innovation when it comes to dried cannabis.

Canadians its your turn to make your voice heard

It’s says that Canadians will have 30 days to discuss and review the changes. This said I say to all Canadians to take part into this consultation to make sure no bad actors or lobbyist gets what they want. However I believe that no flavour vapes is normal and ok in my books.

The proposed amendments also writes about the “authorize additional research-related activities for certain license holders,” including the ability to produce and sell reference standards. This is a net positive for the marijuana research community.

“The proposed amendments would have impacts on researchers, and current and potential cannabis license holders who conduct activities related to research,” according to a separate Health Canada notice.

420ave take

This is fantastic news for the industry, its will align the vaping products for all of Canada. I do believe tobacco and marijuana products should be aligned when it comes to regulations. What’s your take on this?

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