Top 10 Shows about Weed You Should Be Watching

Enjoy watching TV high? Well enjoy these shows when you are up in smokes.

Let’s imagine a scene before getting started. It is a cold evening. You are lying on the couch, wrapped in a blanket in front of a fire place. The TV is on, and you watch your favourite show with its main subject being marijuana. How good is that?  Does it make you want to get high? It sure works on me!
This article will discuss some good weed themed shows to get you watching some high TV.

1- Disjointed 

Netflix realizes that we are entering an era of thinking towards weed. So, they came up with an amazing weed-related sitcom. The story revolves around Ruth, an ambitious cannabis advocate that owns a dispensary in Los Angeles. The show revolved around her son and employees of the dispensary, you can imagine all of the sketch that can happen with marijuana and a few stoners working together.

2- Weeds

One of the most popular weed shows ever about marijuana. The TV series started airing in 2005 and ended in 2012. It is about a widowed mom, Nancy, who wants to feed her family by growing and selling marijuana. What makes the show remarkable is its timing. Weed was illegal when the show was broadcasted. 

3- The High Court with Doug Benson 

In 2017, Comedy Central also decided to enter weed-showbiz and came up with The High Court with Doug Benson. A funny sitcom that revolves around a real-time stoner+judge Doug Benson. What is more amusing than a judge who gets stoned in the chamber before deliberating? 

4- High Maintenance

It is another top-notch weed comedy show. The main character delivers weed and each episode of the show tells the story of a New Yorker who orders weed from The Guy in a hilarious way. The series was a great hit and ended in 2018. Do not worry; you can still enjoy the show on iTunes and HBO Now. 

5- Weediquette

If you are not a big fan of comedy and want to watch something serious about weed, Weediquette is made for you. The show is a documentary series that explores many uses of cannabis. The series also tries to investigate weed legalization’s social, cultural, and economic effects. 

6- American Weed

Yet another high-class weed-based documentary produced by National Geographic. The documentary is all about honesty and gives an equal chance to both proponents and opponents of the marijuana industry. Overall it is about the effects of America’s medical cannabis industry. 

7- Broad City

Another popular comedy show, Broad City, is about two stoner buddies and their everyday-life struggle. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are two potheads navigating their lives in New York. The behavioral differences between Abbi, a workaholic, and Ilana, a hedonist, make the story fun. 

8- Bong Appétit

Cannabis is being widely accepted both by law and society. Now is the time to come up with unique weed recipes. This is what the show is all about. Bong Appétit shows gourmet chefs infusing foods with weed. If you are a food enthusiast, you would love the show. 

9- Family Business 

This French comedy series will crack you up in real-time. A failed entrepreneur Joseph Hazan learns that cannabis will soon be legalized. So, he decides to open the first cannabis coffee shop by transforming his father’s kosher butcher shop. However, in trying so, he has to tackle other problems like dysfunctional family and drug gangs. 

10- That 70’s Show

Even though the word “marijuana” was uttered only once, the series is about weed. The show illustrates the lives of 70s teenagers trying to live purposefully while smoking weed. They find solace in marijuana during times of distress and hopelessness. You just need to think of the scenes when all the actors are sitting at their table with smoke around them. Then they mumble some oddly funny sentences and skips to another actor. The show’s great and its not always about marijuana.

Final words

I always enjoy watching a good stoner show, nothing beats being high and watching something on TV that doesn’t require too much critical thinking. What do you think ?

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