Best ways to hide your weed

So... what's the best way to hide your weed from your kids?

The legalization of marijuana has a significant impact on society. In the past, weed was considered taboo by every other family and you always had to hide your pot no mater what. However, nowadays, people are bringing the weed home and the world recognizes that it is not bad to be a stoner or use cannabis for medicinal purposes.  So what’s the best way to hide your weed?

Even if weed is legal now in some states and Canada, its is not easy for parents to keep the weed hidden from their kids. Young minds are curious, and they sure do enjoy digging around in your home. Whether you consume edibles or smoke marijuana, you should keep them away from your kids. If not your carelessness might result in a lot of trouble. 

But how to hide weed at home? Worry not. We will give you some idea’s on how to hide your grass at home.

Use Old Boxes 

Children have seen coffee cans, medicine bottles or old boxes. They already know there is nothing to explore in these items. Use such boring things to hide your pot and make sure to put the dry weed in a ziploc bag to remove the odor.

However, ensure that the package you are using is intact. After that, keep the box in a place where your children do not have access to.

Hide the weed being a lock

Locking your weed away is one of the safest ways to make sure your kids won’t find your stash. You can use your safe, fireproof box, or a small lockbox for the purpose. You can also get weed stash boxes from the amazon, they are smell proof. These boxes come with a lock and won’t let any smell come out. Simply put your treasure in the box, lock it up and enjoy the buzz. 

Find the Tallest Spot

What is the tallest spot at your home? Can your children reach the point even after using a small ladder? Ask yourself these two questions and if the answer is no, then you have a good spot.

Use technology to protect your stash

This solution is a little out there and maybe a little hardcore but if you love technology and want to know exactly when someone touches your weed. All you have to do is to buy sensors that generate push notifications when there is a movement. Place them in the stash box and wait for it to notify you whenever someone touches your dope. 

A Hollow Book

It is an old but ever-green technique to hide things. You can either buy a hollow book or make one yourself. This will help you hide your stash perfectly. However, remember to keep the book on a busy shelf. This trick does come with some issues (like dealing with the smell) and of course you never know when someone will end up checking out the book.

In Conclusion

I believe the best way to hide your weed is to buy a stash box that are smell proof. Then you can take that box and put it somewhere your kids don’t have an easy access too. That’s my trick and well it worked so far! 🙂

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