5 Must-See Cannabis Festivals

Today we explore 5 interesting festivals or event we believe is well worth going to.

So much has been happening in the marijuana industry for the last two decades. Everything is going well, from the legalization of medicinal cannabis to recreational marijuana in various parts of the world. The days of stereotyping the potheads have long gone. Social stigma against weed smokers has become a past tale in a lot of countries. At the same time, we are hoping for more openness about marijuana rules in other parts of the world. 

Today let’s celebrate the positive about the cannabis industry and event. This article will tell you about five must-see cannabis festivals where you can enjoy everything weed related. 

1- The High Times Cannabis Cup 

No list of cannabis festivals is complete without mentioning the Cannabis Cup. The first event was held in Amsterdam in 1988. Since then Cannabis Cup has gained a lot of popularity. The event is celebrated throughout the year in various parts of the USA. 

The festival contains every aspect of a great show. You can enjoy musical concerts, participate in competitions, meet famous artists, and listen to instructional seminars. Let’s not forget about the Cannabis Cup trophy, awarded to top brands in the business. 

2- Mile High 420 Festival

What is the best date for a cannabis festival? Every stoner knows it’s April 20th. To celebrate stoners’ “valentine’s day,” the Mile High 420 festival is held annually in Denver. The festival’s central theme is to celebrate weed, discuss the future of the marijuana industry, and fight years-old stereotyping. Like any other festival, you can enjoy music, concerts of local and famous artists, food, and meet-ups with other stoners. 

3- Seattle Hempfest

Drama, adventure, potheads, weed, music, and high-times. They all define the Seattle Hempfest. What else do you want? 

Held every third weekend of August in Seattle, the festival is one-of-its-kind. The second you step in, the atmosphere feels exciting and welcoming. The show aims at advocating cannabis legalization and educating people about its benefits. However, it is not all. You will also enjoy every bit of what a good festival can offer. 

Why is this show good? Because this is the show, they are always trying to shut down. Despite their efforts, the show is often considered the topmost cannabis gathering. 

4- The Boston Freedom Rally 

The Boston Freedom Rally is held every third Saturday in September. It is sometimes regarded as the second-largest cannabis gathering. The festival is also aimed at demanding the legalization of cannabis in the USA. 

You can set up camps, smoke weed, enjoy music, relish traditional food, and buy various products. Furthermore, there are games to play, and you will be rewarded with weed gifts after winning. 

5- Spannabis

If you want to explore every weed product imaginable, Spannabis will be the only place. From hemp cosmetics to textiles, you can find everything at the festival. Held in Barcelona, it is the biggest cannabis gathering in Europe. You will love cannabis-infused food, melody, and meeting friendly people at the festival. 

The next Spannabis festival will be held from 10 March to 12 March 2023. 

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