Top 10 Reddit Weed Community

Top 10 best weed reddit community you can learn more about cannabis

How much time do you spend on the internet? A 2021 study shows that adults spend at least six hours daily on the internet. Most people surf different social media apps to pass time. I prefer Reddit and it is one of the most visited sites in the world.

That is why it has also become a hub for weed enthusiasts. Marijuana lovers from various parts of the world have formed communities to discuss cannabis. This article will tell you about the best Reddit weed communities you can browse while smoking a joint.


With almost 90,000 subscribers, r/stonerprotips is a community where stoners from various parts of the world share their tricks and tips. This community writes about their tricks and tips for consuming edibles or smoking pot.


If you have watched Lord of the Rings, you know about “Ents” or the talking trees. This community is the answer if you also want to talk to them while getting stoned. It has over one million subscribers, and members like to call themselves Ents. Here you will read posts related to supporting weed use in each form.


This community is about educational and informative threads about marijuana. It doesn’t have as many subscfribers as other communitnies. But this community has unique views and discussions associated with cannabis legalization. You can also read aggregated weed articles via this sub reddit.


Have you tried growing weed outside but failed? Do not worry; then, we have the best community for you. With over 17k subscribers, r/outdoorgrowing is all about sharing and discussing tips about growing strains. You can get information that will help you grow your own weed.


If you are into dabbing, you will love r/dabs. This subreddit is all about dabbing. You can find discussions related to form, style, and methods of dabbing. The community also has a forum for newbies where their questions get answers. Additionally, they also have pictures of concentrates, waxes, and shatters.


This community is for creative minds who wants to transform their extracts, oils, and tinctures. This vast subreddit community has over a hundred thousand members dedicated to sharing the pros and cons of various extraction techniques.


Potheads are the most creative engineers in the world. If you do not believe me, visit this creative Reddit community. Community members will give you various ideas about creating vapes from different things. They will also try to get you out of a jam by providing instructions about fixing a broken bong.


Whether pro-vapor or a beginner, this community is the best for you. r/vaporents is a huge and fast-growing subreddit where people share their experiences about different vaporizers. If you are a newbie, this community will help you to choose the perfect vape.


This subreddit talks about marijuana cultivation here members discuss marijuana horticulture. Here you can get tips for cannabis gardening and so on… Members of this community are helpful and polite. Join this community and discover new ways to cultivate your plants.


Are you tired of cannabis gummies, cookies, brownies, or cakes available in the market? Do you want to cook your weed-infused food by yourself ? Then this community is for you. Over 150k members this subreddit share various cannabis recipes so that you can make your edibles by yourself. Who knows, you might end up being a great chef after spending some time here.

420 take

I can’t write all the subreddits that are out there as they are all good with their own might. These are a few that I found for you, doing a search on their website will find so many other communities you can enjoy.

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